Take your Cisco Unified Call Center to the next level

No special training needed

User Guides and Customization Capability eliminates the need for costly courses.

Think ‘out of the box’ and empower all of your Call Center employees with both attendant and agent functionality – in one very user-friendly solution!

Lower cost per call

You’ll save valuable time on each call and enable first time call resolution on the vast majority of phone traffic. Consider a traditional business where an attendant routes 80% of calls to the sales department and 20% of calls to other areas. Imagine the efficiency of having the sales department answer all calls. 80% of callers will come to the right place in the first place. And the sales department can reroute the other 20% - just as they reroute calls today. No change in their workflow at all.

Integrated with CRM & ERP systems

Farlon Agent Desktop is unique because it not only interfaces with other relevant applications such as CRM and ERP systems - it also intelligently manages your agent’s desktop. No more frustration (and errors) from being in the wrong window at the wrong time. The right application is always on top. You’ll get fantastic user satisfaction ratings from both attendants and agents alike.

ROI on the fast track

It sounds almost too good to be true, but it is true. In addition to being the richest solution on the market functionally, The Farlon Agent Desktop is also the most economical – in terms of price, maintenance, hardware usage and more. Your IT department will love how easy it is to integrate with other applications. Not to mention the fact that it uses much less server space than other solutions.

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