Improve your switchboard productivity

Give your attendants the tools they need to do a great job

Attendants can use more and more of the deep functionality as their skills and needs grow.

Give your attendants the tools they need to do a great job

User-Friendly Functionality

Ask your attendants about the most important quality of a switchboard solution. They’ll tell you that, first and foremost, it must be easy to use: easy to route a call, easy to see whether or not the relevant person is available, easy to contact that person in the correct manner. And if they are not available, easy to figure out whom else can handle the call. Without this information at their fingertips, your attendants waste their valuable time and your customers feel like ping pong balls. Farlon Agent Desktop is very easy to use.

Effective Searching & Presence

It has the best search function and most robust presence status of any product on the market. Attendants can customize it for exactly the way they work – and their preferences follow them to any computer they use. Search information can be imported from any application. At­tendants can search using phonetic spelling and wildcards. Transfer lists make it fast and easy to route calls into other queues. Presence status is always up-to-date and relevant because the information comes from physical and mobile phones as well as calendar integration. And the entire switchboard solution is customizable to fit your attendant’s work flow perfectly.

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