Farlon Agent Desktop for Finesse

Designed for Firefox and Internet Explorer
By using these recommended browsers, your functionality will be maximized.
Integration with other Systems
Connect your internal systems such as Notes, Jabber, Skype for Business (former Lync) and Exchange,
and make sure the right information is displayed to your employees.
Best Search Function on the Market
Our search function is both powerful and easy to use.
Are you ready for Finesse?

Are you associated with our great Farlon Agent Desktop product but want to move to the Cisco Finesse platform without losing all the effective functionality Farlon has to offer? We offer the solution with our Farlon Agent Desktop for Finesse. It enables you to access our powerful phonebook system and use our industry-leading search capabilities to maximize your organization’s productivity.

The Phonebook with Presence Integration

If you’re already familiar with the Farlon Agent Desktop, you may have experienced what our product excels at: crystal clear indication of employee status across the different internal systems that your organization runs. Your agents will instantly know what employee is ready to take the call.

The phonebook, which also functions as a Switchboard
Customization Capability

You can even customize the Phonebook view to ensure that only the most important information is displayed. This significantly reduces the time it takes to handle each call – a delight for both agents and customers.

The view can be customized to show just the information you need to handle calls efficiently
The Strongest Search-Engine on the Market

We take pride in delivering the best search functionality to organizations around the world. Our search engine is capable of providing phonetic searching and alternatively spelled words. This allows the engine to catch all those tricky names that may not be picked up by a standard search engine. Additionally, wildcards and other symbols can be used to specify your searches – providing the most accurate results.

This product includes the most advanced search functionality in the industry
Derived Data

If the employee, you’re looking for, is unavailable, you will be able to transfer the call to an employee with a corresponding set of skills and privileges.

Is the one you're looking for unavailable? Find another employee fast by searching for "Derived Data"