Reservered yellow bar with inactive answer button

Reservered yellow bar with inactive answer button


Agent receives a call and is reserved. Answer button is not active and it is not possible to answer the call.
Call Status is Disconnected.
There is given a toast message with the text "Invalid connection ID for active call".
After about 10 seconds a toast message is given with message "Calls have been reset" and the call is removed from the agents phone.
The agent is placed in the Ready State.
The call is lost.


Failing reserved state with toast messages



This problem occurs because the call is routed from an application in UCCX to another application.
In Cisco's terminology this is called "trigger to trigger" and is not supported.
In many cases this emerges from the following call flow.

  1. A call is received in Farlon Agent Desktop
  2. The call is transferred to an extension via Wait On Busy
  3. The extension forwards back to the internal queue
  4. Applies to the following call forwards
    • Forward All
    • Forward Internal (Busy, No Answer and Unregistered )
    • Forward on HuntPilot (linegroups)



  • Remove all internal forwards in CUCM
    Is configured under the 'Call Forward' section in 'Directory Number Configuration'
  • Configure Wait On Busy 'BlackListPattern' that matches all triggers for queues answered by Farlon
    Is found under 'Cisco > Wait On Busy' in Farlon Administration


Please refer to Farlon best practice


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