Trigger to Trigger

Trigger to Trigger

Trigger to trigger

In Cisco's terminology "trigger to trigger" is defined as a situation in which an application in UCCX forwards a call to another application (trigger) in UCCX.
This is not supported by Cisco and will always result in a failure of the call. The caller will experience being disconnected or hear music on hold infinite.

In a Farlon context, this scenario arises in combination with the use of 'wait on busy' to transfer calls to local extensions or hunt groups.

If extension or hunt group redirects back to a UCCX queue there will be 'trigger to trigger' and the call will fail.


  1. Call is answered in Farlon Agent Desktop
  2. Call is transfered to local extension or linegroup via 'wait on busy'
  3. Extension transfers back to a queue in UCCX
  4. Applies to the following call forwards
    • Forward All
    • Forward Busy Internal
    • Forward No Answer Internal
    • Forward Unregistered Internal


Other scenarios

Trigger to trigger could also arise if a UCCX script redirects to an extension/huntpilot that redirects back to a UCCX queue.

  1. Call is recieved on main number / UCCX Trigger
  2. Open/Close test is performed in script
  3. Redirect in script to extension/huntpilot
  4. Extension/huntpilot forwards to a queue in UCCX



  • Remove all internal forwards in CUCM
  • Remove all forwards on HuntPilot
CucmCallForward HuntCallTreatment
  • Configure Wait On Busy 'BlackListPattern' that matches all triggers for queues answered by Farlon
    Is found under 'Cisco > Wait On Busy' in Farlon Administration


Alternative solution

  • Route calls to linegroups directly to HuntPilot bypassing UCCX
  • Do not use 'Wait On Busy'


Please refer to Farlon best practice


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