Red bar at queue call

Red bar at queue call


Queue call is presented as a direct call to the agent
Agent status is changed to Not Ready (rather than reserved)
Queue name is empty, while the Call Type is "Others in"



  1. Call to an UCCX Applikation
  2. Redirect is performed in script to HuntPilot in CUCM
  3. No members are logged into linegroup
  4. Overflow is defined for 'no members logged in' back to Farlon Internal queue


If the operator is in the Ready state the call can be handled as normally

The scenario nevertheless indicates that 'trigger to trigger' has occurred and that the call is lost to the contact center.
This can be demonstrated by putting the agent in the "Not Ready" state and make the call.
Although the agent changes the state to "Ready" the call is never presented. The caller will continue to hear music on hold until the caller hangs up.

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