Farlon has been helping call centers meet their target service levels, optimize performance and improve overall customer experience since 1998. Our software is a leading Cisco UCC Agent Desktop solution. We work closely with Cisco UCC system integrators and resellers to deliver complete solutions to their customers.


We feel strongly that by empowering all Agents and Attendants with the same easy-to-use functionality, a Cisco Unified Call Center can achieve its maximum efficiency. Farlon is unique because it intelligently manages your agent’s and attendant’s desktop, putting the right information at their fingertips – every time.

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  • Internet Explorer incompatible with Cisco Finesse

    It appears that KB3163018 breaks down Cisco CCX/finesse web pages in Internet Explorer and Edge, while everything works correctly in Google Chrome. Uninstalling the update seems to restore full functionality in the two browsers. Read more...

  • Internet Explorer inkompatibel med Cisco Finesse

    Det lader til at KB3163018 nedbryder Cisco CXX/Finesse websiderne i Internet Explorer og Edge, mens alt virker helt fint i Google Chrome. Afinstallering af opdatering lader til at genetablere funktionaliteten i begge browsere. Læs mere...


Think ‘out of the box’ and empower all of your Call Center employees with both attendant and agent functionality – in one very user-friendly solution!


Give your attendants the tools they need to do a great job!