Farlon has been helping call centers meet their target service levels, optimize performance and improve overall customer experience since 1998. Our software is a leading Cisco UCC Agent Desktop solution. We work closely with Cisco UCC system integrators and resellers to deliver complete solutions to their customers


We feel strongly that by empowering all Agents and Attendants with the same easy-to-use functionality, a Cisco Unified Call Center can achieve its maximum efficiency. Farlon is unique because it intelligently manages your agent’s and attendant’s desktop, putting the right information at their fingertips – every time


Improve your switchboard productivity

Lower cost per call

You’ll save valuable time on each call and enable first time call resolution on the vast majority of phone traffic. Consider a traditional business where an attendant routes 80% of calls to the sales department and 20% of calls to other areas. Imagine the efficiency of having the sales department answer all calls. 80% of callers will come to the right place in the first place. And the sales department can reroute the other 20% - just as they reroute calls today. No change in their workflow at all.

Integrated with CRM & ERP systems

Farlon Agent Desktop is unique because it not only interfaces with other relevant applications such as CRM and ERP systems - it also intelligently manages your agent’s desktop. No more frustration (and errors) from being in the wrong window at the wrong time. The right application is always on top. You’ll get fantastic user satisfaction ratings from both attendants and agents alike.

ROI on the fast track

It sounds almost too good to be true, but it is true. In addition to being the richest solution on the market functionally, The Farlon Agent Desktop is also the most economical – in terms of price, maintenance, hardware usage and more. Your IT department will love how easy it is to integrate with other applications. Not to mention the fact that it uses much less server space than other solutions. Download more information from this product sheet

Give your attendants the tools they need

User-Friendly Functionality

Ask your attendants about the most important quality of a switchboard solution. They’ll tell you that, first and foremost, it must be easy to use: easy to route a call, easy to see whether or not the relevant person is available, easy to contact that person in the correct manner. And if they are not available, easy to figure out whom else can handle the call. Without this information at their fingertips, your attendants waste their valuable time and your customers feel like ping pong balls. Farlon Agent Desktop is very easy to use.

Effective Searching & Presence

It has the best search function and most robust presence status of any product on the market. Attendants can customize it for exactly the way they work – and their preferences follow them to any computer they use. Search information can be imported from any application. At­tendants can search using phonetic spelling and wildcards. Transfer lists make it fast and easy to route calls into other queues. Presence status is always up-to-date and relevant because the information comes from physical and mobile phones as well as calendar integration. And the entire switchboard solution is customizable to fit your attendant’s work flow perfectly.

Are you ready for Finesse?

Are you associated with our great Farlon Agent Desktop product but want to move to the Cisco Finesse platform without losing all the effective functionality Farlon has to offer? We offer the solution with our Farlon Agent Desktop for Finesse. It enables you to access our powerful phonebook system and use our industry-leading search capabilities to maximize your organization’s productivity.

The Phonebook with Presence Integration

If you’re already familiar with the Farlon Agent Desktop, you may have experienced what our product excels at: crystal clear indication of employee status across the different internal systems that your organization runs. Your agents will instantly know what employee is ready to take the call.

Customization Capability

You can even customize the Phonebook view to ensure that only the most important information is displayed. This significantly reduces the time it takes to handle each call – a delight for both agents and customers.

Integration with other Systems

Connect your internal systems such as Teams, Jabber, WebEx and Exchange and make sure the right information is displayed to your employees